Heather Starnes

CEO and Founder of Live In Peace aka Mother of the Crew
25 years ago Heather found a second family in East Palo Alto.  Over the years she has become one of the city’s most trusted and influential leaders, owing to both her community development expertise and her ongoing work with youth.  She is now following up her Masters in Urban Studies with a Doctorate in Education, moving to effect change within the systems that shape the future of both our youth, and our city.

Khabral Muhammad

Mentor and Lifecoach:
A native of East Palo Alto, Khabral Muhammad brings a unique combination of formal education and life experience gained through growing up in a socioeconomically challenged community.  He has a diverse array of skills and expertise including non-profit management, grant writing, and has lectured across the United States on a variety of pressing issues.  He is recognized nationally as an up and coming leader and expert on the frontline of youth substance abuse prevention, and has been invited to advise best practices on community-level strategies. A two time National Merritt Scholar, Khabral is also an accomplished poet and music producer. He's spent years as an educator in Oakland, CA, and is currently a consultant for the City of East Palo Alto in partnership with Raimi & Associates out of Berkeley, CA.  His life long dedication to social justice and improving quality of life have helped him develop into a great community asset and a wealth of knowledge in his own rite.

Erica Hayes

Mentor and Lifecoach:

"As an African American woman, I have worked hard to better my family, my community, and myself.  I was born and raised in East Palo Alto, CA where I attended Menlo-Atherton High school.  I graduated from Dixie State University where I earned a full scholarship, and obtained a Bachelors of Human Science in Communication.  I have quite a bit of experience in youth and community development as I have been a part of Live-In-Peace, FYBY (for youth by youth), and Street Soldiers.  These programs have given me the ability to utilize facilitation skills, and the capacity to create harmonious conversation with positive outcomes.  In my professional career I have worked with many youth of all ages, ranging in different responsibilities.  Most recently, I worked in a treatment center for troubled youth.  I facilitated meetings hosting difficult agendas such as trauma, abuse, delinquency, and much more.  I have a strong natural capacity to break down barriers, communicate effectively, and patiently navigate conversations with healthy and collaborative solutions.  I recently returned from playing professional basketball overseas in Hagen, Germany.  It was there that I increased my capacity for leadership, healing and transformation."

Toby Larson 

Mind Coach:
Toby Larson is the team's mental coach.  Working with Toby, athletes enhance their training plans to make them more prepared for competition.  He also works with athletes to improve their focus during intense competitive situations.  He is a Certified Consultant with the Association for Applied Sports Psychology and has a M.S. in Kinesiology from California State University East Bay, and also has over 20 years of coaching experience.  He works with people who play Basketball, Soccer, Football, etc.  Toby is a mental coach for all sports and age groups, he gives you the extra edge in your sport that most people don't get from normal coaching.  You can find more information at www.fitmindtraining.com.

 Paul Teu

Mentor and Life Coach:

"Paul is my name, and I have a heart for my community.  I am a husband to the most beautiful girl in the world, and a father of 5 amazing kids!  I am a case manager for an Awesome organization called Live in Peace.  I am fortunate to get a second chance to redeem myself, and give the kids of our community here in East Palo Alto the opportunity to do the same.  I was part of the problem growing up, but now I'm part of the solution to change the game of life for these kids who want it!  I am also an electrical contractor and want to incorporate into a vocational project for the kids that want to learn a trade.  Last but not least, I am part of one of the dopest reggae bands out, and we're birthed from our small town of East Palo Alto!  Look us up RAFA!  Blessings to all!!!!"

Lety Arreola-Garcia

Mentor and Life Coach:

“ I was born in Mexico, and migrated to California at 5 years old. I was raised by a single mother who also had the privilege of raising 8 other children, two of whom were special needs. Learned to acculturate in a new country while still maintaining my Mexican identity and cultural roots, adopted and embraced the culture in EPA which is now what I call my  “HOME”.  Due to some traumatic life events I was placed in foster care and was sent to various group homes at the age of 14. During this time I explored art: painting as a form of self-expression. Filled with anger and hurt, art, poetry, and therapy became the outlet for the passion and thirst that I longed for in life. After successfully graduating from high school and emancipating the program I returned to EPA, where I reunified with my family and went onto community college. I love to learn, and I am naturally curious and inquisitive, so when I started college I was eager to take as many classes as I could. I found myself attracted to helping others and being genuine about the things I would say to them, so it was very easy to know that I wanted to be a counselor/therapist. I graduated Canada College with a A.S in Human Services and transferred to Notre Dame de Namur University where I received my B.S in Human Services in Counseling and Administration. Now I am a graduate student at NDNU in the Clinical Psychology MFT/LPCC Program where I am training to be a licensed therapist. I hope to motivate and inspire others with my own personal life experiences and uplift them  to heal the internal wounds that may be keeping them from truly being happy, being successful and having internal peace. By being genuine and believing in the good within each person, I truly believe that anyone can accomplish what they set their mind out to do. “I look at failure as an opportunity, an opportunity to get up the next day and beat the odds, and have the chance at doing it in a whole new different way, in a way that it makes you happy, successful, and useful. My determination drives me to change what one may look as failure and transform it into a an accomplishment.” What others view as obstacles, I view as a chance to challenge myself to resolve and overcome something out of my comfort zone, just like a camera with different lenses, to get a clear picture one must change the lens to gain a different perspective. My goal as a life coach is to support you to cultivate that drive and motivation to reach your goals and aspirations.