Re-Entry Program Provides the Following Services: 

  • Case management: assessment to determine needs and skills, referrals and support to other services as needed, general assistance, medical care, college, etc.
  • Advocacy and support on issues such as child support, suspended driver’s license, old court cases, medical care, etc.
  • Classes in personal development, life skills, financial management, cognitive restructuring, healthy lifestyles, and basic computer skills.
  • Family reintegration, and parenting
  • Support groups
  • Social activities
  • Assistance with resume development, and job search

We give referrals and work with the following organizations to provide our clients with the highest, and most efficient services needed for their successful transition from school, home and to work. 

  1. Live-in-Peace: college readiness program, tutoring, life skills, coding and credit recovery for high school.
  2. Job Training: for classes in GED prep, life skills, job readiness, money management, computer operation, and vocational training,
  3. Ravenswood Community Health Clinic
  4. Free At Last: treatment for drug and alcohol abuse
  5. El Concilio of San Mateo County: assistance with emergency rental, and utility assistance
  6. County Human Services: general assistance and food stamps

Outreach from Campus:

Programs to help find our most vulnerable community members, allowing them to be plugged in, and stay connected wherever they may find themselves.  

Currently Serving:

Juvenile Hall 

Alive & Free classes:  A weekly class that addresses the disease of violence as well as the anger, fear and pain that perpetuates it. We provide a safe place to have candid conversations about how the youth have gotten where they are, the obstacles to moving forward and practical steps to overcome them.  Other adults and young leaders from the community also speak life into our youth, establishing a familiar environment where we share one another’s burdens and celebrate each other’s success.  Alive & Free curriculum builds on the Street Soldiers methodology of Omega founder Dr. Joe Marshall and has been instituted several school districts, juvenile halls, and court mandated programs. Provide conditioning for our Alive & Free Classes in the hall, to build holistic thinking about health.  To continue building relationships with staff and young people when they get out.

 Re-entry Navigation:  Navigating is the single greatest factor in our success with young people.  The navigator helps the youth in academic success and school visits, employment readiness, extra curricular activities, legal referrals and community service projects.  He/She follows up with the re-entry teachers, as well as probation officers and family, compiling weekly progress reports.  Beyond the technical duties of case management, the navigator builds a relationship with the youth, not as a friend but as a committed mentor intent on helping him/her "navigate" whatever barriers life presents, and providing opportunity for maximum growth.